A lovely day out in the bay. Successful sightings of both a humpback and southern right. We kept a respectful distance so as not to disturb them. I was very happy about that. Great service from the staff as our trip was postponed due to bad weather but they kept us well informed.
What a blessing to see God's creation so close up....dolphins, seals and beautiful whale!!!! Ashwin, the guide, was so well educated on all the sea life and was brilliant in explaining details and guiding the trip with no effort!!! Thank you Ashwin for taking care of me when I had motion sickness, much son and husband did not have any motion sickness and could enjoy all the scenery!!! Highly recommended for all!!!!
We had a very good trip with Ocean Safari's last week. We went on their Whale watching trip as our one in Hermanus was cancelled due to bad sea conditions. The trip was real fun being pushed into the water by a tractor to launch and once away we say dolphins some Humpbacked Whales and plenty of seals. Well worth the money and would go again
We did an ocean safari that was combined with Ocean Blue due to off peak demand. We did't see much in the way of dolphins (sometimes you just don't have great luck) but the seal colony on Robberg was very impressive. The scenery is always a great attraction too
mike forrestallmike forrestall
17:46 14 Aug 23
Jochen WelschJochen Welsch
10:10 14 Aug 23
great tour We saw several whales. Some also with a calf. A very large school of dolphins was also there. The guide took his time and explained a lot. We liked it very much.
Mattias StötzerMattias Stötzer
14:50 11 Aug 23
15:56 31 Jul 23
BoG PhotographyBoG Photography
12:45 13 Jul 23
julan mbjulan mb
16:24 12 Jul 23
Such a cool tour! Our host PK was very kind!The team is very experienced at finding the wild animals! but like every safari not guarenteed.We saw whales, a turtle and thousands of seals swimming with the boat! Make sure you add this on you todo list!
Christine EkinsChristine Ekins
12:04 08 Jun 23
The staff were extremely helpful towards my partner, who is blind and they are also very knowledgeable. The entire experience was beyond all expectations.
Inge VenterInge Venter
07:30 26 Sep 22
Not a bad experience but it seemed a bit deurmekaar when we got there. We were told to be there a half hour before we depart so that we can attend a safety briefing yet there wasnt a safety briefing given and we were the only ones there so we ended up waiting a half hour. Unfortunetly the weather was also icky that day so we didnt see too much wildlife but the skipper was really well trained and it was fun to see the cologny of 12000 seals. Next time we hope to see some whales whilst going out
Colette FColette F
21:46 02 Aug 22
We were so lucky this morning - we saw Orca whales this morning!! It was amazing! Great trip, very enjoyable and two great guides (can’t remember your names, sorry- 9.30am) who were very informative.

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